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Il 12/08/2010 15.23, Dan ha scritto:
> I disagree. The tenets of any religion are open to interpretation, 
> and both various Christian and various Buddhists (again, see 
> http://www.amazon.com/Zen-at-War-Daizen-Victoria/dp/0834804050 -- the
> title is _Zen at War_) have interpreted their religious doctrine to
> justify war.

Religion that don't justify war usually die, or mutate in ones that
justify war.

But the justification of war is different for every religion, because
the tenets are different. Not all wars are justifiable, not always. But
some were and are. You can tell the difference if you look at what war
were justified and why, and what were not and why. care to look into the

Islam, every school of Islamic Law, accept Jihad both aggressive and
Every school of Islamic Law say changing religion from Islam is a crime
punishable with death (one of them say life imprisonment and be beaten
five time a day, but only for women - so tolerant).
If you know a School of Islamic Law stating that people have the right
to abandon Islam without retaliation, please share your knowledge.
If not, your "open to interpretation" don't matter.

Anyway, to return to the Ground Zero Mosque, from an article of Wafa
Sultan to Pajama Media


""As a member of Former Muslims United, last September — along with
other former Muslims — I drafted a letter which was distributed to more
than 100 Muslim clergy nationwide, including Imam Rauf and his wife
Daisy. We asked them to sign the The Freedom Pledge,  a declaration that
calls for support for religious freedom and safety from harm for former
Muslims. (Sharia requires a death penalty for anyone who leaves Islam.)
We asked Muslims — those who call themselves “moderates” — to “repudiate
the threat from authoritative Sharia to the religious freedom and safety
of former Muslims.”

Almost a year has passed, and neither Daisy nor Imam Rauf have responded
to the letter and its call for tolerance of Muslim “apostates.” It seems
that “reaching out” in brotherly love and acceptance is a one-way street
for Daisy — when she isn’t fabricating those gestures.""

The Freedom Pledge is here:

> (You completely left out Judaism and the fact that Christians 
> generally accept the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) as canonical. The 
> Hebrew scriptures definitely provide rationales for wars and even for
> genocides -- as well as supposedly documenting both wars and 
> genocides carried out in the name of that religion.)

Sometimes wars are rationale, you know?
Then, the genocide in the Bible, for what I remember, were not declared
on the rationale of difference of religion or race, to convert the
enemy; and they were not "open ended".
Never read about "Go to Greece and convert the Athenians".

> I bet the truth
> is any long lived and widespread religion is going to be open to 
> justifying war -- because, it seems to me, human societies have 
> always made war and any society that was bound by an absolutely 
> pacifist religion would likely be wiped out by others not so bound.

But there are religion that accept and mandate only defensive wars.
Like I say, the "Just War" doctrine of the Catholic Church can be used
without being Catholic. Try the "Just War" of Islam. It work only for

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