[ExI] Islamic culture (current) was Religions and violence >

Sabrina Ballard sabrina.ballard at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 11 23:01:35 UTC 2010

On 8/11/10, darren shawn greer <dgreer_68 at hotmail.com> wrote:
Perhaps because of the "holier than thou" attitude, calling themselves
"the chosen people" openly, heavy ritualism, speaking a different
language, in-faith marriage, etc. The sort of "insular" nature of
Jews, for whatever reason.

>  > Like antisemitism, communism never dies, but rather only sleeps, and
>  > then only lightly.
> I always thought that the majority of antisemitism in the middle-east came from the occupation of parts of Palestine and the six day war. But then I looked into it a bit more, and realized the hatred was there long before, and has been present in the world since hellenistic times and the byzantine empire. Jews have accused of everything throughout the ages from poising wells to sucking the blood of babies to trying to take over the world. Why? I often try to look at things through a sociological or evolutionary lens, but this particular phenomenon baffles me. Jewish culture has been particularly beneficial to the world as a whole. So why the hatred?

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