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>...I may have taken a page or three out of the library copy of National Geographic from time to time in my misspent youth...
...but I didn't take those pages out of the Gospel of Mary, it was already like that when I got here, but I did see both Fred and Keith hanging out at the library about the time those pages went missing, and of couse Mary was a sporting lass (thus the nickname "Virgin") and Keith and Fred were both friends of hers dontcha know, until she turned up pregnant, at which time they were nowhere to be found.

To belabor a point(less) on National Geographic, they did more to tear down racial prejudice than any other factor.  It wasn't Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson or Frank George Pinkston, it was NatGeo.  Why do you suppose America lost its collective mind when a 40 something woman flashed one boob for one second in a "wardrobe malfunction" at the superbowl a few years ago?  She reminded us of our first sexual fantasy.
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