[ExI] A casino built right next to The Gettysburg National Park...

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 03:37:39 UTC 2010

I wonder how many people here would be offended by such a casino being
built...  I initially thought they were going to construct it *within*
the Gettysburg National Park, but because they are not, I really don't
care.  But am I being too blase` about American history and the many
youthful lives taken on such a bloody patch of land?

I suspect the casino will have a civil war theme, complete with
employees dressed up to look like the soldiers of the Union and the
Confederacy.  I can imagine how this will outrage the many civil war
enthusiasts in the American South.

I once heard a crazy rumor about a Disney Park, that would have been
centered around the American Civil War!  I think seeing my favorite
Disney characters refighting the Battle of Gettysburg could be kind of
fun!  "Go get 'em, Confederate Mickey!"  ; )

I suspect that if the dead still exist in some form and can see what
goes on in this world, that the long deceased veterans of this famous
battle would find such a development very amusing.  But those who
adore their exploits in the here and now will not be so good
humored.... lol


I suppose I am posting about this because I see it as another example
of Corporate America encroaching on things.  I'm sure Abraham Lincoln
would have had something pithy to say about the subject...


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