[ExI] Physics of the Future: How Science Will Change Daily Life by 2100, by Michio Kaku

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Mon Aug 30 04:41:13 UTC 2010

Physics of the Future: How Science Will Change Daily Life by 2100 [Hardcover]
Michio Kaku (Author)

This title will be released on March 22, 2011.


>From the Amazon.com book profile page:
The New York Times bestselling author of Physics of the Impossible
gives us a stunning and provocative vision of the future.

Based on interviews with over three hundred of the world’s top
scientists, who are already inventing the future in their labs,
Kaku—in a lucid and engaging fashion—presents the revolutionary
developments in medi­cine, computers, quantum physics, and space
travel that will forever change our way of life and alter the course
of civilization itself.

His astonishing revelations include:

•  The Internet will be in your contact lens. It will recog­nize
people’s faces, display their biographies, and even translate their
words into subtitles.
•  You will control computers and appliances via tiny sen­sors that
pick up your brain scans. You will be able to rearrange the shape of
•  Sensors in your clothing, bathroom, and appliances will monitor
your vitals, and nanobots will scan your DNA and cells for signs of
danger, allowing life expectancy to increase dramatically.
•  Radically new spaceships, using laser propulsion, may replace the
expensive chemical rockets of today. You may be able to take an
elevator hundreds of miles into space by simply pushing the “up”

Like Physics of the Impossible and Visions before it, Physics of the
Future is an exhilarating, wondrous ride through the next one hundred
years of breathtaking scientific revolution.

I'm not overly impressed by what is supposedly going to be the
contents of the book.  I laughed at the idea that by 2100 the internet
would be interfacing with us via contact lenses! lol  I could see that
by 2040, but by 2100 surely it would be a direct neurojack connection.
 Oh, and the flying car on the cover is for me sort of a "bad omen,"
though by then we should definitely have them finally perfected and in
large numbers.

I suppose 2100 is the "new" hot future date on our calendars, just as
at one time 2000, 2020, 2030, 2040, or 2050 were "it."

The book made me think of the wonderful "Transhuman Space" roleplaying
game that is set in the year 2100...


John  : )

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