[ExI] Tom Horn on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 11:12:14 UTC 2010

Tom Horn was the primary guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
(a show that covers everything from the paranormal to cutting edge
science, and has a listenership in the many millions).

I had thought Tom Horn was more of a New Ager, but in fact he is a
devout Evangelical of the Hal Lindsey/John Ankerberg bent.  On his own
show he tends to be fairly low-key and actually sort of reminds me of
a more laidback version of Jimmy Swaggart, but while on the Coast to
Coast radio show he spoke a mile a minute to try to get out everything
he wanted to say! lol  And the host, George Noory, generally let him
do it.

These were some of his key points...

-Within ten years super-soldiers will exist!
-We are engaged in a biological/cybernetic arms race.
-Human/machine interfaces being perfected.
-The Jason Group- the U.S. must stay ahead of global competitors, no
matter what.
-Nick Bostrom and Dr. Hughes were briefly mentioned.
-Kurzweil's Singularity was very briefly explained.
-Hugo de Garis and his nightmarish artilect war brought up several times.
-Sophia Project at ASU to contact supernatural creatures (I had never
heard of this!!).
-Terrance McKenna- we will re-engineer the brain so we can communicate
with beings from other dimensions.  Demons?
-Genetically engineered humans could turn into a rebel force to overthrow us.

I noticed that he would take a convergence technology that is probably
20-30 years away (or more) and act like it's right around the corner!
But then some transhumanists have that same tendency... lol

Horn spoke very fast and excitedly, and it was like he had imbibed
several large energy drinks right before he got started speaking!  The
man is a walking tabloid headline the way he grabs onto some online
article and then goes bonkers over it!  Hal lindsey and John Ankerberg
are actually more articulate than he is, at least when under the
pressure of being on a major talk radio show.

He mentioned James Hughes being on his program, and seemed to have a
fondness for the man.  Tom Horn claims to be a "friendly nemesis" to
the transhumanist community, and seemed pleased as punch that
transhumanists would dialogue with him (of course it helps him to sell
books and promote himself).

Horn said transhumans are splintered in their views and philosophies,
and some even think this astounding technological progress will lead
to humanity being wiped out.  He credited transhumanist thinkers with
being able to clearly look at both the good and horrifically bad
scenarios regarding these coming technologies and their possible
effect on humanity.  Horn mentioned Greg Stock and how he pushes for
the upgrading of humanity via germline engineering, while Ray Kurzweil
sees artificial intelligence as the solution.

I don't think Horn grokked that there is quite a bit of overlap and it
is not always either/or when it comes to these things.  He kept on
saying the future is coming fast and it will revolutionize mankind!  I
think he has found his tagline...  I was amazed when he brought up
teleportation experiments, and yet *did not* say that it's human
transport success was right around the corner!

He claimed that time travel was a Darpa project at one time, and so
were some form of telepathic hive mind troops, but the projects were
scrapped by nervous senators who took a much closer look at things,
after the Navy admiral in charge of Darpa passed away.  A decade ago
the project named, "master race super soldiers" disturbed
congressional examiners, and so now Darpa has gotten good at giving
"pleasant names" to their programs, and then burying them under layers
of protective secrecy.

As time grew short Horn stated that "transhumanism is an outgrowth of
Adolph Hitler's eugenics programs!"  This is such a great way to get
on our good side.  But then he has two different links on his website
about how Max More has mocked him and his beliefs.  He followed up by
mentioning Leon Kass saying that humanity is crossing the line between
man and God!  And of course Fukuyama's "The End of History" was
brought up, with transhumanism being the next stage.

He grew apocalyptic as he as he discussed Hugo de Garis (one of his
favorite transhumanists, due to the happily nightmarish and genocidal
wars envisioned by him) and the bedtime nightmares which plague the
scientist, where dark visions of humanity by the billions getting
slaughtered by godlike artilects, haunt his dreams.

Horn touched on his belief that in ancient times, angels spread their
DNA among humans and caused the creation of the Nephilium superhumans
that caused so much trouble in the land.  And he said that his studies
of ancient cultures indicated that they believed there would be a
great tumult as humans and gods blended together, and created a portal
to our world.  I guess he watches Stargate SG1...

GRINS was given a short overview as he gave a quickie lesson on
convergence technologies.  And then he talked about how it's very
possible that the bones of the Nephilium superhumans from Biblical
times have been found by govt. scientists, and that the new generation
of supersoldiers will be made in part by adding their DNA to the mix.
Yes, really...

The whole discussion was finished with, "I'm really not sitting at
home with a tinfoil cap on my head!" LOL  Well, I guess that's


Whew!!  Write-ups wear me out, but I wanted to get this to everyone,
while my memories were still fresh...

John  : )

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