[ExI] CQT Researcher Uncovers Quantitative LinkBetween Quantum Non-Locality and Uncertainty.

scerir scerir at alice.it
Mon Dec 6 15:11:33 UTC 2010

> I have pondered these and other explanations, but I find them all less
> than satisfactory.
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> Someone please reassure me I really am crazy.
> spike

crazy enough?

R.P. Feynman:
.... simulating .... the two-slit ..... plus a little chapter on .... negative 
probabilities ...

R.P. Feynman: "What is the joint probability of finding the particle to go through
hole 1 and be 180° out of phase with hole 2 (whatever that could mean)?".
Experiment done by Scully & Walther: "We note that while each of these probability
distributions may be negative, the physical meaningful constructive and destructive
interference patterns are, however, everywhere positive ...."

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