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>...I find it strange that in all this discussion, nobody has brought up the
fact that Julian Assange was once a member of this list. Doesn't anybody
else remember him?...

Huh.  That's cool, no I don't remember him at all.

>... I am shocked that you all would be so apathetic toward one of our own
becoming one of the most wanted men on the planet for no more than giving
people access to the *truth* about their governments...Stuart LaForge 

I mighta missed it in all the noise, but I never heard he was wanted for
spilling secrets.  Has any nation actually issued an arrest warrant for
that?  I heard he was wanted in one of the Islamic countries (Sweden?) for
sexual assault, but not for leaking classified info.  The info he put on his
site would actually be more properly called "sensitive" rather than secret
or classified, however CNN said there was classified info in there.  If so,
then whoever's name is on those documents as sender is in waaay big trouble
for putting classified info on an unsecured link.

Recall right after 9/11/2001, one of our regulars posted a whole bunch of
stuff he later deeply regretted, then asked if it could be removed from the
archives.  We eventually figured out it really couldn't be done, not because
we were unwilling but rather because it had been quoted numerous times and
it was pretty much impossible to find it all.  So we came up with an idea:
cross post a bunch of stuff with each other's names on them, trying to
imitate the style of the other person and so forth.  We had fun with it.  I
got a huge laugh out of reading stuff that others wrote trying to imitate my
thoughts.  In the end game, what that did was allow perfect deniability for
anything in the archives.

What occurred to me is that Assange or anyone could insert anything they
wanted into Wikileaks, and make it look like it was written by anyone.  So
anything that is found in there carries deniability.  So it isn't even worth
the time to dig through Wikileaks, because we can't distinguish the genuine
from the counterfeit there any better than we can here.


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