[ExI] Wikileaks.

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Mon Dec 6 21:38:30 UTC 2010

Reminds me of that saying about "six degrees of separation."

By the way, another interesting story related to this:




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On Dec 6, 2010, at 3:06 AM, The Avantguardian wrote:

I find it strange that in all this discussion, nobody has brought up the 
>fact that Julian Assange was once a member of this list. Doesn't anybody else 
>remember him? I have old list emails in my inbox from him debating the nature of 
>probability with Eliezer, Serafino, and John Clark. He has also posted on the 
>nature of consciousness/identity and Kurzweil. Most of these posts date from 
The name didn't ring a bell but when I looked deep into the bowels of my 
computer I find you are correct; the oldest message from him to this list that I 
can find was on August 16 1999.

 John K Clark   


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