[ExI] CQT Researcher Uncovers Quantitative Link Between Quantum Non-Locality and Uncertainty.

scerir scerir at alice.it
Tue Dec 7 07:40:27 UTC 2010

> QM as artifact of incomplete model?

QM as an incomplete theory!

New qm-theories are on the stage, in example:
the Time-Symmetric Formulation, by Aharonov et al.
(a shorter, much more readable paper is available, but not online,
I can send it to anyone interested.)

"This statistical interpretation is now universally
accepted as the best possible interpretation
for quantum mechanics, even though many people are
unhappy with it. People had got used to the determinism
of the last century, where the present determines the future
completely, and they now have to get used to a different
situation in which the present only gives one information
of a statistical nature about the future. A good many people
find this unpleasant; Einstein has always objected to it.
The way he expressed it was: 'The good God does not play
with dice'. Schroedinger also did not like the statistical
interpretation and tried for many years to find an interpretation
involving determinism for his waves. But it was not successful
as a general method. I must say that I also do not like indeterminism.
I have to accept it because it is certainly the best that we can do
with our present knowledge. One can always hope that there will be
future developments which will lead to a drastically different
theory from the present quantum mechanics and for which there
may be a partial return of determinism. However, so long as
one keeps to the present formalism, one has to have this
- P.A.M. Dirac, 'The Development Of Quantum Mechanics',
Conferenza Tenuta il 14 Aprile 1972, Roma,
Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, 1974.

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