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Tue Dec 7 16:58:12 UTC 2010

Subject: Re: [ExI] Wikileaks


Eugen wrote:


>The person is not important.



>>>>>>  spike wrote:  The person becomes extremely important if they get to
the conviction phase regarding leaking info.  I am not referring to Julian
or Private Manning, but rather the people who put classified info on an
unsecure link.  When one gets a clearance, one of the things they hammer is
that you are legally liable if you put classified info on any unsecure link,
regardless of whether or not it leaks.  Of course, if ianything is revealed
in Wikileaks, it is impossible to determine who actually wrote what and if
so, what the person actually wrote, or how it was modified after the fact by
unknown persons. spike


>>>>> spike wrote:  I didn't write that.  spike


>>>> spike wrote:  You did so.  spike


>>> spike wrote:  Did not.  spike


>> spike wrote:  Did SO.  spike


> spike wrote:  Did NOT.  spike


Well, OK I might have written it, or part of it.  Maybe.  spike






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