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On Thu, Dec 09, 2010 at 12:46:00PM -0800, Dan wrote:
> I don't think that's true. Sexual preferences have often been used to blackmail 
> people -- and, in terms of security, has often been seen as a liability because 
> someone might be blackmailed. In other words, if you were gay and in the closet, 
> this might be seen as a way that foreign agents might manipulate you -- even if 
> you were not, say, on their side ideologically, in their pay, or perhaps had a 
> desire to change history.
> Regards,
> Dan
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> Anders wrote:
> >No, nutters are common. It is just that most of they do not matter. (proud 
> >recipient of two crazy missives today)< 
> >
> Since 2001 it's been very difficult to determine who may be nutters and who may 
> not. Someone mentioned the likelihood of people on this group being on enemy 
> lists (can't find the post now but I know I read it.) I can say from experience 
> it doesn't take much to make them. After the U.S. invaded Iraq I began writing 
> some unflattering essays on U.S. foreign and domestic security policy and 
> published some of them in a book of essays released in 2005 in Canada. It was 
> then that I began to notice some unusual traffic on my .ca website -- U.S. 
> government agencies, including the FBI, were regularly crawling it. Hardly 
> anyone read or bought that book, but someone apparently noticed it. I took the 
> site down eventually.
> A few years later when living in California I became friends with an infamous 
> gay pornographer who had been called by a Tuft's University professor in a 
> lecture on 21st century morality "the embodiment of the post-human." Because of 
> this friendship, I again went on the U.S. intelligence radar. I am now the proud 
> owner of an FBI file. I would not even have known this much if I hadn't been 
> introduced in San Francisco to an ex-FBI agent who was a friend of a friend. I 
> really don't understand the world of intelligence and enemy lists and national 
> security anyway. The lines between what is considered subversive activity, and 
> even thinking, and what is civically acceptable are so blurred that the whole 
> thing has become one big, sinister mess. 
> It was easier in the old days, when you could be black-listed for carrying a 
> copy of Das Capital across the border but the kind of sex you preferred would 
> only affect your chances for getting elected to public office. 
> Darren
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