[ExI] Have a Soylent Green Xmas!

spike spike66 at att.net
Fri Dec 10 05:13:06 UTC 2010

John Grigg wrote:

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>>There is a bit of context that is missing for many of you, who were not
regularly going to movies in 1973 and who missed the original Soylent

>I saw Soylent Green years later on television.  The film is regularly
spoken of in the media...  I miss the smart kind of science fiction films
they made  back in the seventies.

There was another notable one right about that same time, West World.  In
retrospect, I realize that one had emergent AI, with apparent outloading.
The robots become self-aware and attack.

>...  Right around that time, food companies were experimenting with soybean
meat substitutes.  The early ones tasted terrible.  But at least they were
expensive and unhealthy...spike

Funny story that has nothing to do with anything, but I still laugh when I
think about it.  A long time ago, I was camping with my wife's family at
Mount Rainier.  My then 19 yr old brother-in-law and I went hiking all over
the place, and we came back to camp crazy hungry.  We had soy veggie-dogs,
since he is a strict vegetarian.  Even tho I was half starved, I only ate
two; I detest the wretched things.  But he devoured eight of them, scarfed
them like a pack of rabid wolves.  About three hours later, we were sitting
around the camp fire on a beautiful sparkly cold evening, as I waxed on
about how good it all was.  Then I noticed he was hunched over, not moving
at all, saying nothing.  It was hard to tell by the flickering campfire, but
he just didn't look at all good.  I said, Hey pal, are you OK?


Full stop.  I said, Well, um what is wrong?

He said, Those veggie dogs.  They are all still sitting down there.  My
stomach might stamp them "Return to Sender" any min..

Right into the campfire.  We scattered like scared roaches trying to avoid
the big column of barf steam.

He felt better almost immediately, but that one massive barf pretty much
doused the fire, so that was the end of our starlight reverie that night.

If you have ever eaten soy-based meat substitutes, you will understand why
the notion of living on that stuff is so scary.  {8-]


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