[ExI] Who is safe? was Re: Wikileaks

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Sun Dec 12 13:44:15 UTC 2010

Stathis wrote:

>I think Keith was talking about the original leaker, a US soldier, 
>not Assange. But in any case, Australia has been so consistently 
>close to the US in foreign policy for so long that Australians may 
>as well feel the same responsibility as US citizens. One of the 
>WikiLeaks documents shows a major figure in the current Australian 
>federal government effectively spying on his own party for the 
>Americans, and my impression of the reaction is that this isn't even 
>seen as particularly surprising or concerning here.

Since Australia has troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Australians could
probably charge Assange with treason.

The public discussion here in the US has focused on our Constitution and
legal principles. But Assange has angered the Powers That Be of assorted
governments, with differing legal standards, punctiliousness, and comfort
with extra-judicial violent solutions.

And some of them have long memories. I suspect he will be at risk for the
rest of his life.

But he did make it to an SNL skit last night, played by Bill Hader.

-- David.

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