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Wed Dec 15 17:48:24 UTC 2010

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> But how do we know these are true?  Any of this could have been written by
> anyone after the leak, or could be counterfeit, intentionally placed in case
> of a leak.  Do we have any way to confirm any of it?

There has been no denying of anything as fake by the US government.
That's not exactly conformation, but it sure is a strong indication.

Incidentally, the response of the US government has been over the top
considering what has come out so far.  Of course, the government know
what's in those cable since they certainly have copies.  That leads to
the speculation that there are cables that expose much more damaging

Governments come and go, so it is possible to be a patriot to the
country and the ideals it was founded on without being a supporter of
the current government.  My experiences with the US government at
levels from county to federal supporting outright criminals has been
most instructive in this regard.

It is possible that Manning will eventually be classed a patriot and
Assange honored as a hero in the US, along the lines of the remarkably
similar story of Daniel Ellsberg.


As Talleyrand said: "Treason is a matter of dates."


Keith Henson

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