[ExI] the ambiguously evil british have leaked julian assange's address

Tomasz Rola rtomek at ceti.pl
Sat Dec 18 05:31:49 UTC 2010

On Fri, 17 Dec 2010, spike wrote:

> That being said, I still suspect a trap, as apparently the mainstream news
> outlets do as well.  They still aren't taking the bait as far as I know.
> Has anyone here seen any of the majors reporting scandalous anything based
> on Wikileaks?

Crap. I tried to resist taking part in anything W-l-related... I've went 
to great lengths trying to write only about golden members and false 
beards. And now I fail like a stone into the mud...

Here in Poland there were some news about how US decided to station a 
battery of Patriot rockets



but it has been "uncovered" by journalists (after reading the leaks) that 
they were unloaded. Or useless, I reckon. This was, however, known by some 
officials (few of them perished in Tupolev's catastrophe in Russia 
earlier this year). Seems like only the public was kept unaware of this, 
instead being given nice pictures of bright side of the coin. Yeah, this 
gullible public. Would they believe in anything but colorful pictures?

I'm not really sure how things proceeded next. Few days after that I've 
seen PL-president and US-president shaking each other's hands, which 
probably meant that either one of them, or maybe both, were cool. But I've 
decided I was busy and stopped paying attention. So perhaps the 
uselessness of the said battery was part of the plan - empty launchers go 
first, do some field training with our troops, next will come a time 
to blow something up, or down. But my cynicism hints me that I am naive.

No, I have no bad feelings towards USians, really. I understand politics 
is a bitch. I'm just, kind of, indifferent.

Anyway, there was a "knews" about this. For me, not scandalous, but I 
think there is so little that could surprise me. I mean, after realising 
that moral standard in international relations is backstabbing and banging 
dead body until it falls apart into pieces, what could shock me, really? 
Since quite a long time news are just, "yeah, yawn, go on",

But yes, one kind of leak could have shocked me - the one proving me how 
wrong I was. 

For a moment, my only long term reaction to all muddy bloody dirty facts 
is that since a world can do quite well without humans, having children is 
not a priority (yes, leaders, better start raising hens, maybe hundred 
years from now there is noone else for you to fuck? alas, I guess I am 
naive again). Aw yes, and the second reaction is my turning my ass to the 
world and my front to the maths (one has to entertain oneself somehow, 
right? and amateur maths sounds like great challenge, great enough to make 
me happy).

However, it perhaps needs to be said again, in plain text - W-l is not so 
big deal for me, and changed nothing in my attitude. Maybe a hole here or 
there has been plugged, but the wall was already standing strong. I didn't 
bother to start BT client.

Also, however pessimistic and pitiful my writing may sound (don't know 
this, does it?), I am not tying any kind of sadness with all this stuff. I 
guess I just make decisions and that's it. No place for anything but a 

Tomasz Rola

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