[ExI] the ambiguously evil british have leaked julian assange's address

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Sat Dec 18 16:54:14 UTC 2010

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Subject: Re: [ExI] the ambiguously evil british have leaked julian assange's

On Fri, 17 Dec 2010, spike wrote:

> > I still suspect a trap, as apparently the mainstream 
> >news outlets do as well.  They still aren't taking the bait as far as I
> >Has anyone here seen any of the majors reporting scandalous anything 
> >based on Wikileaks?

>...Here in Poland there were some news about how US decided to station a
battery of Patriot rockets...

So they say, but:

>... it has been "uncovered" by journalists (after reading the leaks) that
they were unloaded...

So they say, but:

>Or useless, I reckon...

On the contrary.  Very useful I reckon.  Reasoning: they deploy the launcher
trucks with dummy missiles, which are then reported to be scarecrows while
simultaneously being reported to be fake scarecrows, guys dressed up as
scarecrows with actual shotguns.  The external view of those trucks is
identical, regardless of whether they are loaded or not.  So the trucks are
everywhere, with some unknown fraction carrying weapons.  This provides a
test case, to see if there are any local guerillas who will try to attack
the trucks, they believing they carry actual missiles.  If the commies
conclude that *all* the trucks are dummies, they fire their weapons, they
are mysteriously shot down by one of the dummy trucks.

>... This was, however, known by some officials...

So they say, but:

>... Seems like only the public was kept unaware of this...

Or perhaps the public was intentionally informed, in a way they would
believe: the public are suckers for anything marked secret.  They think that
one word makes it automatically true.

Imagine an army with plenty of rifles but little ammunition, facing a
possible invader.  Every third rifle is loaded, the rest have only dummy
shells.  The soldiers themselves do not know if they are loaded or harmless,
the invading enemy knows not that there are unloaded weapons.  I can imagine
that being a very effective deterrent.

>... Few days after that I've seen PL-president and US-president shaking
each other's hands, which probably meant that either one of them, or maybe
both, were cool...

Once the trucks are in place, the dummies can be replaced with real missiles
at any time or in any proportion, without attracting attention.
Tomasz Rola

After all this, I am seeing *plenty* of ways governments could fight


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