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On 12/18/2010 2:47 PM, spike wrote:

>>> Why, was the American Revolution done legally? ;-) Stefano Vaj
>> Yes because it predated the constitution.

>...I hope that was a joke, because it's a terrible argument. You mean
British subjects had no law (even when they were nasty, poor and short)?

The British had law, handed down from its royalty and parliament.  The
American colonists were more and more being born in America or other places
outside England.  They were granted no representation in the British
parliament, yet were expected to pay British taxes.  They refused, imagine
that.  We would do the same today: taxation without representation is
tyranny, and must be opposed.  With no negative feedback loop, those tax
rates are free to grow unopposed.  This they will do, as if by a law of
>...And if they did, but it was okay to break that law because there was no
constitution in North America, does that authorize breaking current laws
because one day there might be a New Constitution?...Damien Broderick

They must actually fight and win the war before there is any new
constitution.  Since Americans vote, we now have a symbolic insurgency every
two years.  It may be far more difficult to gain sufficient support for a
revolution when we have that important symbolic rebellion in which we take
part periodically.


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