[ExI] Sex, Science & Profits

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Subject: [ExI] Sex, Science & Profits

>...Doesn't the subject line sound like a science publisher's dream?

Hey, it sold me.

>... by Terence Kealey, subtitled "How people evolved to make money"...

Ooooh, that sounds even sexier.

>... this is a book on the history of science viewed through the lens of
free-market economics...

My favorite lens!

>...I'll stop there as I think I've covered enough ground already, and I've
probably exceeded the attention span of half the list.  Tom

Don't stop, that discussion was getting me totally turned on.  You had me at
"evolved to make money."  And I am a flaming hetero!  

Actually we should coin an actual word for those who find money inherently
sexy.  Prosperosexual?  Capulationist?  Politician?  

Very well written post Tom, and an interesting sounding book.  Thanks man.
{8-]  spike

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