[ExI] Linguistic shifts

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Languages change. Nothing's static here. It might just be that the pace of 
change is faster today or more noticeable -- since we went through a period of 
rapid standardization with the proliferation of printing and then of nation 



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So, I was looking through TEDx videos, trying to find a topic to inspire me, 
when I came across this:

People across the world get concerned about linguistic shifts - whether it's 
non-English speakers getting upset about English infiltrating their language, or 
British people getting upset about the Americanisation of everything, or the 
creoles and pidgins and patois that evolve in areas muddying the waters. This 
talk shows how Urdu has shifted and been referred to by many names over the 
years, and how the language has changed to reflect its speakers sense of 
identity. It's amazing how much a language can tell you about its speakers.

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