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> As a result, the actual CO2-delta T feedback could range from negative
> (i.e. CO2 causes cooling) to various positive values. Yes, the
> uncertainty is so extreme that even a mild cooling effect of CO2 under
> present conditions cannot be excluded, not even looking at
> paleoclimatological data. The only thing we know is that the feedback
> cannot be very high, since there is very poor correlation between
> recent CO2 change and recent global temperatures - the feedback is
> manifestly small enough that the effect is swamped by other factors,
> such as changes in albedo due to aerosols, or cyclic processes in the
> atmosphere.

How about some numbers:


Skepticalscience.com has this nice feature that you can switch between
levels of analysis clicking on the "basic", "intermediate" and "advanced'
tabs. For example:


wIll give much more detailed information.

It is true that small values of climate sensitivity cannot still be
completely ruled out. But if you accept the remote possibility of a small
value, you must also accept the possibility of a disastrously high value
like 6C, which right now cannot be ruled out either - the two extremes have
the same (small) probability of turning out correct. Focusing only on one of
the two tails of the distribution reveals bias.

> so in private if properly questioned they will
>admit there is no scientific basis for the global warming/climate
>change scare.

I'm curious about the "proper questions" you asked those scientists, and
what kind of answers you got :-)

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