[ExI] moral issues

Florent Berthet florent.berthet at gmail.com
Sun Dec 26 00:50:37 UTC 2010

2010/12/25 Jeff Davis <jrd1415 at gmail.com>
> "...As terrible as it sounds, the state of the world isn't really my
> responsibility.  I'm just thrilled to get to watch. ..."
> It ISN'T his responsibility -- or any of ours -- and it only sounds
> terrible if you worry your peers will think badly of you if you don't
> embrace their (guilt imposing) ideology with the same full-throated
> hysteria.
What about the famous "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good
men to do nothing" ?
I'm not debating global warming here, but the general point. Aren't
extropians supposed to save the World, or something?
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