[ExI] simulation as an improvement over reality

Samantha Atkins sjatkins at mac.com
Sun Dec 26 11:00:22 UTC 2010

On Dec 25, 2010, at 3:32 PM, Alan Grimes wrote:

>> A major puzzle in my own life has been why the cosmos are not buzzing
>> with signals.  Why is it so quiet out there?  I estimate one in ten star
>> systems has life forms, one in a thousand multicellular with perhaps one
>> in a hundred thousand with tech-capable life forms.  That makes for a
>> buuunch of tech life forms in this galaxy alone. 
>> If technologically advanced life forms typically upload and turn inward,
>> it offers a good explanation for why it is so quiet out there.  They
>> aren’t listening to us and don’t care to talk, for they are busy.
> I find it doubtful that a civilization of computronium fetishists would
> not have spare resources to build a radio or two, and some spare CPU
> time to listen to it on occasion. -- or slow down their expansion enough
> that it wouldn't show up on our radar...
> No, what's probably happening is that we are seeing the existential risk
> known as a shriek... That is a civilization that appears to be going
> asymptotic but then runs into a brick wall and ends up dead. ie,
> overflowing a 64 bit register somewhere and crashing the entire grid, or
> using up fuel without regards to long-term needs.
> Or, even more probable, having a continuous internal faggotry-race
> (sorry, no other words to communicate my point) (akin to an arms race
> only gay), within the VR simulations very quickly overwhelming the
> resources of the underlying computronium at which point it simply melts
> from logical contradictions. Ie, if you show up in the SecondLife sim
> for this list in a male avatar, people will be minimally polite to you.
> If you show up in a female av and people know you are cross-dressing,
> they are super-friendly to you. I have not figured out exactly what that
> means yet, I am not going to cross-play just for them. But then most of
> them are anyway. In any event, it is far far easier to explain the
> motivations of an uploader in terms of gay-ness than any other way.

You have just shown yourself to be as deluded as you appeared to be so long ago when I first thought you were hopelessly hung up.  In a spirit of generosity I have simply let it be and expected you to learn better over time.  It seems you have not.  

> No part of this message is intended to be read as a comment about any
> homosexual, or the psychological condition in general, only the practice
> of publicly pandering to arbitrary special interest groups and demanding
> that other people pander to your arbitrary desires, also known as
> faggotry. Where as the charge of faggotry is easily avoided by either
> keeping it private or simply allowing other people to have (and
> express!) different opinions about things.

You have crossed the line of totally unacceptable behavior.  Others can do whatever they wish with you but from this moment forward I will have nothing to do with you.    I don't care about your opinions so much as I am fed up with your homophobia, with your continuous baiting of any who disagree with you on anything and your extremely juvenile hurling of "gay" around as if that somehow was all that need be said.  I hope you grow up someday.   

Good bye.

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