[ExI] end of the year cutting up, maybe

spike spike66 at att.net
Sun Dec 26 19:47:30 UTC 2010

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>..copulation is just completely absurd...  

Consider how much of our humor has something to do with copulation.  Nearly
all of it really.  So much so that if one takes all the humor that has no
references to sex, even subtle ones, it forms almost its own specialty
subcategory that isn't all that big.  Call it Readers Digest humor.  But
even that is an understatement, for much of even the tepid Readers Digest
has subtle references to sex.  It's hard to tell sexless jokes!  Even if you
do, it sounds like some geezer is telling it.  Sex and humor are
inextricably intertwined.  Evolution has given us an enormous joke, a deep
well of humor that is apparently inexhaustable.  Thanks evolution!

>...But it is a bad solution that we like so very well... spike

Imagine a kind of kink that is the polar opposite to the usual turn on.  For
instance, less clothing is usually considered more sexy; examples are
completely unnecessary to illustrate that obvious notion.  But what if that
somehow became reversed, turned thru pi radians, so that the more clothing
one wore the sexier she would appear?  That would create an obvious problem,
for as the couple prepared for amorous activity, they would presumably need
to remove at least some of the multiple overlayers, which would then be less
sexy instead of more.  The old strip tease wouldn't work at all.  If that
became a popular obsession, women would strut their stuff in those
non-descript black bags that cover everything, like those seen in certain
places in the middle east.


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