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On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 03:04:20PM -0800, Adrian Tymes wrote:

> TL,DR: "Waaah!  Society hasn't accepted cyronics yet so it never
> will!"

It doesn't sound like you've read it.
> This analysis does not seem credible.  Just to quote slide 31, it states

Do you know who's the author?

> that cyronics:

Your comments would be a lot more credible if you'd know
how to spell cryonics.

> * Mandates a complete change in reproduction
> Nope.  No change in reproduction is necessarily linked.  (Potential
> population increases can be dealt with in other ways, and that's a
> topic that exists even without cryo.)
> * Perturbs generational succession
> Not for a long time - until regenerative medicine has increased to
> the point where this perturbation is being dealt with anyway.
> * Requires Space Colonization
> Hardly.  It's possible, with better - if "mundane" - agricultural and
> housing technology to dramatically increase the number of humans
> living on the Earth's land masses, and that's not even getting into
> aquatic colonization..
> * Requires (and supports) profoundly disruptive technologies:
> cloning, regenerative medicine, nanotechnology, AI
> Only regenerative medicine is necessarily linked - though that might
> in turn support cloning.  Nanotechnology is only linked through the
> fact that anything biotech is arguably "nanotechnology", but that's
> an abuse of the term.  AI is not necessarily linked at all (save
> through uploading - which could happen with or without cryo).
> * Ends the Species: Enables Transhumanism
> Again, no.  Regenerative medicine might enable it, but A might
> cause B might cause C is a tenuous chain.  (A = cryo, B = reg.
> med., C = transhumanism)
> The rest of this - I stopped reading a bit under halfway through
> part 1, after seeing fallacy upon fallacy upon fallacy.  Perhaps Max

So you made it halfway through part I, latched up some random
comments, and then kindly offered a tl;dr.

Wall, yeah, Mike didn't write that for stupid people.

> should read this, though, as practice for the kind of arguments he's
> going to have to debunk repeatedly.

You're a part of the problem, then.

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