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Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Mon Dec 27 18:26:05 UTC 2010

On Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 09:37:54AM -0700, Jeff Davis wrote:
> Gene,
> I'm working my way through the links you've supplied below (and I
> noticed how you admonished Adrian for apparently only skimming
> through, so I'll endeavor to be a bit more thorough), so I'll address
> them in due course.  Meanwhile, I notice the comment:

Thank you.
> > (caveat, obsolete snapshot of a work in progress, not done yet,
> > check back in a couple months).
> and I wonder, are these links Mike Darwin's work, or a collaborative

These are all Mike's work. I'm just helping with the publishing.

> effort of Mike, you, et al?  Also, when you were working a while back
> with 21st Century Medicine to develop an ice blocker, did you work
> with Mssr. Darwin?  I ask because I've never met him, but have read

Yes, I've worked with Mike, Greg, Brian, and the rest of the team. 

> some of his technical writing and heard about him from several folks.
> I'm trying to take the measure of the man, but at a distance it's
> difficult. If you've worked with him, and as I respect your opinion,
> I'd like to hear your "assessment", in any form which satisfies your
> sense of propriety.

I think the documents are spot-on, and key for any attempts to debug
the current sorry state of cryonics.

Notice that this is just a failure analysis, not yet done, and there
is no HOWTO-fix-cryonics yet. 
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