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>May I ask why we are wasting mental energy talking about something there is
no demonstrable need for instead of deploying the same energy on things that
are of great concern and/or need?    How rational are we?  How rational do
we actually decide to be? - Samantha



Ja and another question that comes up repeatedly is: what if we do something
to actively combat global warming, then the next winter there is a killing
freeze somewhere, as there is always, every single winter and always has
been.  But now those doing the SO2 pumping, or any other *action* are liable
for the damage, and all unintended consequences.  But by historical
precedent, passiveness ordinarily doesn't result in legal liability: if our
failing to burn sufficient carbon fuels to create global warming results in
a killing freeze somewhere, it isn't our fault.


I can easily imagine that line of reasoning killing any and every attempt at
any active solution to global warming.






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