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> >May I ask why we are wasting mental energy talking about something there is no demonstrable need for instead of deploying the same energy on things that are of great concern and/or need?    How rational are we?  How rational do we actually decide to be? – Samantha
> Ja and another question that comes up repeatedly is: what if we do something to actively combat global warming, then the next winter there is a killing freeze somewhere, as there is always, every single winter and always has been.  But now those doing the SO2 pumping, or any other *action* are liable for the damage, and all unintended consequences.  But by historical precedent, passiveness ordinarily doesn’t result in legal liability: if our failing to burn sufficient carbon fuels to create global warming results in a killing freeze somewhere, it isn’t our fault.
> I can easily imagine that line of reasoning killing any and every attempt at any active solution to global warming.

Worse of all, there is no significant GW problem to solve in the first place.  So we use all this speculative, scientific and actual engineering talent and time.  

I am pretty sure that we only have a decade to resolve at least two of the main actual problems we currently face - cheap plentiful energy and obtaining sufficient resources.    The big threat is major economic collapse of much of the developed world.    That one I don't have much hope of solving in a way that doesn't involve hitting bottom at possibly fatal velocity.   

- samantha

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