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John wrote:


>>Spike, I think there is a need for a book titled "The Transhumanist's
Guide to Picking Up Women!" < 


>Must I be a voice for gender and sexual orientation equality?


The meat-world meetings of extropians and likeminded usual suspects has
always had good representation of gay and transgender, as far as I can tell.
I add this last because I am no expert in these areas.  I haven't really
seen anything I would identify as homophobic there as far as I know, and we
don't allow homophobia here.  That's an area which is carefully monitored,
more so than any particular political viewpoint phobia.  Darren I am
surprised if you don't get some offlist empathetic commentary on gay.



That being said, I'm happy to report that the response of Extropians has
been laudable.


Good, then it is working.  Jeez you guys and gals have suffered quite
enough, rather far too much, for far too long.  Gay and all its many
variations of human sexuality are welcome here.



Last note: when I was twelve I read Clarke's SONGS OF DISTANT EARTH.d


Me too, the first time.  I didn't get what he meant by "feys" at the time.
He had that one passage where a character was talking about feys and acting
silly, which I thought was funny, but the passage seemed out of place and
almost like a later insert that didn't really fit with the story.  I
interpreted it as a kind of femmy acting comedian, not knowing what gay and
straight was in those days.  I didn't find out that until age 23 (!) and
even then only because there was a headline about AIDS.  I went around at
work (!) asking how a virus could tell if a person was a homosexual, since
even people can't do it consistently.  Oy.


I had an idea using Second Life and all its derivatives.  Looks like we
could set up a VR in which one could arrange to copulate virtually with the
visuals and perhaps sounds supplied by the computer.  That's the easy part
but this is where some good imaginative mechanical engineers come in: we
work out mechanisms to interface with the genitals of either or all genders,
then using something like the Wii, attach accelerometers to. what?  The
hips?  Send the motion signals thru the wires so that a penile thrust in
California can be felt in England for instance, and the resulting pleasing
sound effects and motion reactions (whatever that might be) could be fed
back.  Alexander Bell would be delighted to learn what kinds of information
most communication lines would eventually carry.  


I am not that particular type of mechanical engineer, but I have been
thinking about this for years, and the rocket science biz is way too slow
these days.  I bet I could do the necessary instrumentation part of that
loop, the pressure transducers and so forth.  Oh my, if we could work out a
way to allow people separated by continents to virtually copulate, would not
this help save the environment by obviating so many plane trips, and help
economies by encouraging less wasteful and more satisfying activity?  Most
importantly of course we make a cubic buttload of money.









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