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>I had an idea using Second Life and all its derivatives.  Looks like we
could set up a VR in which one could arrange to copulate virtually with the
visuals and perhaps sounds supplied by the computer.  That's the easy part
but this is where some good imaginative mechanical engineers come in: we
work out mechanisms to interface with the genitals of either or all genders,
then using something like the Wii, attach accelerometers to. what?  The
hips?  Send the motion signals thru the wires so that a penile thrust in
California can be felt in England for instance, and the resulting pleasing
sound effects and motion reactions (whatever that might be) could be fed



Jeez, leave it to a controls engineer to think up something like this, oy.
And here I am replying to myself again!  What is this, an embarrassing three
sigma silence like one sees at a raucous party when someone utters an
utterly repugnant faux pas?  We like faux passes!  Or is it fauxes pas?


It occurred to me that the process of copulation is a real time simultaneous
positive and negative feedback control system, where the control law is
derived in real time by trial and error.  Is not this what one does (or
rather two do) when engaged in amorous activity?  We watch and listen
carefully, adjust accordingly: if she, he or they do this then we touch
here, if she does that then caress over there, if she sprays us with mace,
we shriek in agony and attempt some other approach, such as feigning a


Perhaps the signal is in what flavor and strength of mace?  I usually get
the industrial strength peppermint in the family size can.  But I digress.


In any case, one could imagine not just a stimulation mechanism that
interfaces with the genitals, but rather a more universal device which can
apply pressure to the various erogenous zones (I think the hipsters call
them) something like a double layered wet suit with inflatable bladders here
and there, coupled with an instrumented mechanical "partner" which would
receive the input, translate and send to the bio-partner's suit or the other
mechanical partner.  This could perhaps allow the far-separated lovers to
send signals to each other over the phone lines while Skype sends the audio
and the computer sends and receives the visuals?  


Of course some lovers are better than others, so we could imagine software
aids (all lower case) which could assist the smart and kind-hearted but
incompetent lovers.


Is it not remarkable that the words simulation and stimulation are ninety
percent identical?


Would we be laughed out of the patent office with something like this?  And
if we were, would we look around as we walked home to discover three or four
curious and eager looking patent office workers following us?

















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