[ExI] Meat v. Machine

Samantha Atkins sjatkins at mac.com
Fri Dec 31 07:32:36 UTC 2010

On Dec 30, 2010, at 6:36 PM, Damien Broderick wrote:

> On 12/30/2010 7:02 PM, spike wrote:
>> Point taken, but it is about 4 yrs to the next star at c, 4 million with
>> good chemical rocket tech.
> Oy, wake up there in the back! Since these hypersmart things will be running a million times faster than us, subjectively a 4 year trip to Rigil Kent will take 4 million human-rate years. Oh, all right, less than that near c because of dilatation. But who can afford to travel near c? And who is prepared to take the risk of brain ablation, even with multiple redundancy?

Well sure but such a ship is likely to have thousands of human civ equivalents running at that speed within it.  I don't think that is what I would call a bunch of space faring anti-social loners.

- s

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