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>...I'm about to go out, meet some friends and kill a few neurons with

You have plenty to spare Ben.  Have fun, drive carefully or get a designated
driver.  {8-]

>... In the morning I'll be waking up in a different bed...

Oh?  Whose?

>... will be in a different mood...

Depending of course on whose bed you are in when you awake...

> wearing different clothes...

Whose?  And what is that person wearing?  I can imagine your mood will
depend on the answer to these questions.  

>... have some different memories, even...

Ja, that whole party sounds like one which could produce "different
memories."  The stories from your friends may differ widely from yours
later.  Of course they may perform drunken antics as well.

>...  I won't care...

We will.  Who can we contact to report on your behavior?

>... I'll still think of myself as the same person as last night, and be
happy about it...

We will be more than happy, we will be overcome with mirth.

>...  I expect that uploading, once it's perfected, won't be that much
different...Ben Zaiboc

Ben let's hope they get the fun subroutines working right.  {8^]

Happy New Year extropians!  



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