[ExI] war is peace

Stefano Vaj stefano.vaj at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 13:15:28 UTC 2010

2010/2/1 Frank McElligott <Frankmac at ripco.com>

> The Yukos scam was "legal nihilism" par excellence, but most Russians have
> a completely different version of the event. The Kremlin's 180-degree PR
> spin on the Yukos nationalization should be a case study for any nation
> aspiring to create a Ministry of Truth. As Putin explained in his December
> call-in show, the Yukos affair was not government expropriation at all, but
> a way to give money that Yukos "stole from the people" back to the people by
> helping them buy new homes and repair old ones. Putin, it turns out, is also
> Russia's Robin Hood. War is peace. Ignorance is strength.
I am really confused. Do you maintain that they were wrong to change their
views? Or that they should have left Yukos in the hands it had fallen in?
And why?

Stefano Vaj
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