[ExI] war is peace

Frank McElligott Frankmac at ripco.com
Fri Feb 5 19:14:07 UTC 2010

In Russia, strong leaders are held in high esteem. If you want to take over an oil company, just throw the CEO in jail for tax evasion and the people will say he deserved it and  our Putin knows best. Then to create a legal auction to have the state take over the company under this action with one bidder is ok, it was legal wasn't it. 

Russia is a different place, rules are set by strong leaders and the people go along with it. What is legal is what Putin says is legal. 

As Example from the US, if Obama decided that Goldman Sach's bonus plan was out of the realm of what was good for the country, he could arrest the CEO, stopping him from doing god's work, and then have the government take over the company and thus screwing the shareholders out of hundreds of millions. 

Sorry that's a bad example I should have used AIG instead.  Last year thats what Us Gov't  did with AIG except they have  not arrested no one YET.

What I could have used was the EU taking over the books of Greece because we all know the Greek Gov't is corrupt and for the good of the EU we must  stop tose Greeks  from cheating.

If Greece falls, so does Spain, so does Portugal, and must I say Italy as well?

Greece is in trouble because they lied, AIG was in trouble on count of their greed, and in Russia it's tax problems.

If your Government tells you it is right, you accept it, as we did with Bush and his Weapons of Mass Destruction, in Russia they are  no different, or in EU for that matter.

So my friend , War is Peace, here in the US, in Russia, and now even in the Eurzone.

Hope that helps

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