[ExI] Partying (was re:Is the brain a digital computer?)

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Wed Feb 24 22:14:34 UTC 2010


> ...On Behalf Of Tom Nowell
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> I recently re-read "Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman 
> Condition" (lousy title, it never did explain the importance 
> of Mambo Chicken to transhumanism)...

The weird title was to sell the book.  Hey, it worked on me.  Before I saw
that in about 1989, I had never heard of transhumanism, but I looked it over
in the bookstore and bought the book, entered it on my list, set it on the
shelf and forgot about it for about a year.  Those were busy times with my
career and grad school.  Then I was at a gathering of some sort (I honestly
do not remember what it was, might have been some electronics geek future
tech meeting or something) and was introduced to Ed Regis.  His name sounded
familiar, but I failed to connect it with the book at first.  After that
party I went home and read Mambo Chicken, which I found most entertaining.

It was in that time frame that I read Eric Drexler's nanotechnology, which
was not as well written as Mambo Chicken but far more electrifying in
subject matter.  After that I met Keith at a cryonics party if I recall
correctly, about in 1991 or 92.

Ed Regis showed up at one of the Extrocons, might have been Extro4 over at

I find it amusing that I kept running into the same people over the years,
from what I thought were disparate interests.  They seemed to converge on


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