[ExI] MBTI, and what a difference a letter makes...

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 09:59:01 UTC 2010

On 1/5/10, Max More wrote:
> Lee Corbin wrote:
> > I bet if you take it again, you'll now come out INTJ.
> > That's what happened to me.
> >
>  I wouldn't mind taking the test again to see if my type has shifted. I
> think I may well be more J-ish, but the test should give a better
> indication. I can take the test in my copy of David Keirsey's book, "Please
> Understand Me II: Temperament, Character, Intelligence", but do you know of
> a better (more thorough and/or updated version) online?

As Ben mentioned, these personality types come out sounding like
astrology descriptions. (Don't say anything bad in case you drive the
paying customers away).  The fact that dating and match-making sites
use them is another minus point.

Perhaps Lee is now INTJ because he's turned into a boring old fart?   :)

How about these descriptions?


People hate you. I mean, you're pretty damn clever and you know it.
You love to flaunt your potential. Heard the word "arrogant" lately?
How about "jerk?" Or perhaps they only say that behind your back.

That's right. I know I can say this cause you're not going to cry.
You're not exactly the most emotional person. You'd rather spend time
with your theoretical questions and abstract theories than with other

Ever been kissed? Ever even been on a date? Trust me, your inflated
ego is a complete turnoff with the opposite sex and I am telling you,
you're not that great with relationships as it is. You're never going
to be a dude or chick magnet, purely because you're more concerned
with yourself than others. Meh. They all hate you already anyway.

How about this- "stubborn?" Hrm? Heard that lately? All those facts
which don't fit your theories must just be wrong, right? I mean,
really, the vast amounts of time you spend with your head in the
clouds...you're just plain strange.


Talked to another human being lately? I'm serious. You value knowledge
above ALL else. You love new ideas, and become very excited over
abstractions and theories. The fact that nobody else cares still
hasn't become apparent to you...

Nerd's a great word to describe you, and I seriously couldn't care
less about the different definitions of the word and why you're
actually more of a geek than a nerd. Don't pretend you weren't
thinking that. You want every single miniscule fact and theory to be
presented correctly.

Critical? Sarcastic? Cynical? Pessimistic? Just a few words to
describe you when you're at your very best...*cough* Sorry, I mean
worst. Picking up the dudes or dudettes isn't something you find easy,
but don't worry too much about it. You can blame it on your
personality type now.

On top of all this, you're shy. Nice one. Now, quickly go and delete
everything about "theoretical questions" from your profile page. As
long as nobody tries to start a conversation with you, just MAYBE
you'll now have a chance of picking up a date. But don't get your
hopes up.


One word. Boring. Sums you up to a tee. You're responsible,
trustworthy, serious and down to earth. Boring. Boring. Boring.
You play by the rules. You follow tradition. You encourage structure.

You insist that EVERYBODY do EVERYTHING by the book. Seriously, is
there even an ounce of imagination in that little brain of yours? I
mean, what's the point of imagination, right? It has no practical

As far as you're concerned, abstract theories can go screw themselves.
You just want the facts, all the facts and nothing but the facts.

Oh. And you're a perfectionist. About everything. You know that the
previous sentence was gramattically incorrect and that "gramattically"
was spelt wrong. Your financial records are correct to 25 decimal
places and your bedroom is in pristine condition. In fact, you even
don't sleep on your bed anymore for fear that you might crease the

Thankfully, you don't have anyone else to share the bed with, because
you're uncomfortable expressing affection and emotion to others. Too

Do you still like personality tests ???????

The best personality tester is a Labrador dog.  He loves you and
thinks you are wonderful and ignores all your little defects. What
more do you want ???  ;)


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