[ExI] Late to the subject

Frank McElligott Frankmac at ripco.com
Sun Jan 10 17:41:45 UTC 2010

The Russian Gov't is preparing to Nuke an astroid that will be visiting  the earth's  orbit in 2016. The Russians quote an odd of 33 to 1 it will hit this planet. The United States bookmakers quote the odds at 2000 to 1.

I will take 2000 to 1, but after the climate change cooking of the books, does the proverb, "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"  take hold concerning this subject. Oh by the bye when they came up with 2000-1 m, if you add them together "2001 a Space Odessy" comes to mind and thus these odds do not even pass the smell test by my nose, and if so should I begin to root for Moscow to suceed in it's blast in space.

Only bring it up because of the Bruce Willis movie which had the same plot from a few years ago.

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