[ExI] Psi (no need to read this post you already knowwhatitsays )

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 23:59:34 UTC 2010

On 1/11/10, Will Steinberg wrote:
>  When I chance to have a "synchronous" moment with another human being,
> something happens that feels like knowing, and discounting intuition is
> discounting subconscious understanding.  I used to run TP tests with some
> friends using at first six words and then nine; results were incredible
> until we started rolling dice.

You need the dice.
People are very bad at trying to choose digits or colours so as to
make a random list. That's why when people see a string of heads,
heads, heads, heads, heads - they almost automatically say 'the next
one *must* be tails'.
Two people trying to guess at random will produce far more matches
than you would expect by chance alone purely because the guessing
mechanism in their brains is very similar and is not random.

< But they were still interesting, just not to
> the point where I could statistically verify, especially given trials.  But
> there is something that happens--when I knew I was going to know, it felt
> stronger, like a voice shouting "Orange!" in the back of my head.

That's called self-delusion.  Gambling addicts suffer from it a lot.


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