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I didn't reply to Bryans question as I am already exporing the typing speed question and wanted a good answer for him. However I must point out that the Epoc has a limited number of triggers, not enough for a full alphabet. So as such it is not designed for direct typing.
I am looking at a way around this using mouse based, predictive typing software. I know the exact piece of software I need and as soon as I get my hands on it, I will begin testing and let you know how fast it is. If it works I will make a video so you can see how it works. If it does work as predicted, It could spell the death of the keyboard! replaced by thought activated typing. 

Yes I shold be doing further videos with better quality and some explaination of what is happening. I imagine someone with no knowledge of the EPOC would simple think 'A robot controlle by computer, So what?' and not realise that it is actually being controlled directly by thought. The video was intended for those who already had some knowledge.
For those that do. This is (I am told by Emotiv) the most cognitiv actions used for an application so far. the control of the arm uses 8 congnitiv (discrete triggering thoughts) and 2 facial movements to control 10 seperate movements of the arm.

I have already moved on to applying the system to wheelchair control for Cerebral palsy sufferers and qudroplegics. Early days, but lots of promise.


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Wow impressive. I am also interested in Bryan's question: how fast can you type?

The video is impressive for those who already know about EPOC, other
viewers would not realize that you are controlling the robot arm by
thought. Next time you may wish to include yourself with the device
on, and your hands still.


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