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 Hi Reinhard, suspend your disbelief , it really does what it says on the tin. It reads both facial and eye movement signals from the forehaed, but decodes brainwave activity from its eeg sensors.
These signals are then FFT decoded and used to train a nueral net. The end result is that a specific thought pattern is detected and converted into a PC event.





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hi alex,

i do not believe that this device really read thought patterns. all
the consumer devices i know read only the electric activity of the
skull muscles.

try the following: take a video of your face during using the device
and take a close look at your face  musculature. i'm sure (99,9%+) that
you unconsciously move your face by trying to move the robot arm. the
electric activity of this moving is very much higher than the activity
of your brain (through the skull). the device read this activity and
not the activity of your brain.

best regards


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