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I'd like to think the brain is not an entirely chaotic object. However some people would make me 
question that!
Joking aside. To some degree, yes the brain must be a chaotic system or where would random 
thoughts come from? At the meso scale of nuerons; I can imagine that intelligence and problem 
solving could (probably must) be a chaotically driven processes. Where random firings generate 
possible solutions until something fits the question. Roughly comparable to trying random jigsaw 
pieces until you get a fit. However in the thought process that fit may not and often isn't perfect, but 
as long as it passes a reasonable threshold level; it is accepted.
If I am right in thinking that the quantum signature of a chaotic system is not nesesarily 
dependant on quantum entaglement (especially with a remote system as I am suggesting in psi?).
 If so It may not be proof of atomic entaglement in the system and therefor neither proves or disproves psi.
 Then again the Q.S may well be an indicator onw way or the other. To be honest I don't know enough about 
quantum sig's and trying to understand chaotic systems really frustrates me.....they are just too Random!



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The level of psi ability would therefor be dependant on the quantity of 
entagled atoms in each individuals brain.

# Is the brain a chaotic object? I mean, is a neural net something chaotic, at 
least partially? I really do not know anything about that. But. It is known 
that chaos - at a macroscopic level, at a mesoscopic level - has a quantum 
signature ('signature', non necessarily 'cause') and this signature is the 
quantum entanglement of the quantum systems 'immersed' in the chaotic regime.

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