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Mon Jan 25 18:22:12 UTC 2010


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> Subject: Re: [ExI] what? what?
> 2010/1/25 Ben Zaiboc <bbenzai at yahoo.com>:
> > Why?  Just to overturn an established convention that works 
> perfectly well? ... Stefano Vaj

No.  It would be so that we will cheerfully return to using exclusively him
and he, or exclusively her and she, after being educated on why all the
alternatives are probably worse.  Using he or she, him or her, breaks up the
cadence of a thought and messes up literary flow.  Do let us agree to
dispense with the him or her, use gender specific terms (either gender,
interchangeably) in an inclusive manner and stop worrying about it being
sexist.  It really isn't!  We have both genders in every profession now,
including prostitution:


So we get it now.  It really isn't about being PC.  I don't even like PC.
Recall I am the guy or gal who recently suggested modifying John Lenin's
Imagine to be about creating mind-reading sexbots and making a ton of money.
You cats didn't even laugh at my silliness, dammit.  {8-[  I don't know why;
I cracked me up with that gag.  {8^D

Perhaps the late rocker would mildly disapprove?   

Let us no longer harm our language (or yours Stefano) with the him or her.
Let us recognize that "him" and "her" means either him or her, and let it go
at that.  We hetero boys just need to be cool if we are referred to in the
femine gender pronoun.  The ladies have had to put up with it since forever.
We can too.


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