[ExI] super bowl time again but no tom brady

Frank McElligott Frankmac at ripco.com
Mon Jan 25 23:46:01 UTC 2010

Las Vegas using their connection to the world unseen by rest of us, have made The Indiana(where I live) colts a five point favorite over the New Orleans Saints to win the superbowl in Miami in two weeks.

I know none of you care about the superbowl, but this year two Billion dollars will be bet on the outcome more money than any of you have, just a guess on that one, and since it is a future event many oh so many  of us fools will be checking their PSI to pick a side to back that choice with their cold hard cash on who is going to win. Saints, Colts
god help me I wait god= saints yes that's it Bet the Saints as they have god on their side.

I know the saints on this list will be hatred, and for the usual reasons religion is for the masses comes to mind., But the Colts  on the other hand will be liked here as this list is mostly men isn't it.

A test of PSI is in order, if the saints win god exist's, if the colts win the recession is over. How's that for PSI.

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