[ExI] Understanding is useless

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 00:11:25 UTC 2010

On 1/29/10, Jeff Davis wrote:
>  I limited my participation in the Syntax macht nicht Semantics, and
>  follow on discussions, when it became a Mexican standoff.  Gordon
>  would not be dissuaded from his position without empirical evidence to
>  counter his view, and the required evidence -- a materialist,
>  non-magical neurological explanation for consciousness, intelligence,
>  intentionality, mind, etc --does not yet exist.

Yes, it is Gordon saying "Tis!" and everyone else saying "Tisn't!"

>  So, sorry Gordon, but it's all -- we're all -- just stardust in the
>  petri dish.  No special juju.  Unique ***configurations*** of stardust
>  which exploit unique details of physics and chemistry.  But no juju.
>  Rust, tumbleweeds, consciuosness, cow patties,... it's all the same.
>  When the particular details are adequately understood, and applied,
>  then your toaster will probably have something to say about civil
>  rights.  I find it liberating, but ymmv.

I agree, but it makes me angry when the life force switches off. All
that experience, knowledge, friendship,....... just gone.
There should be a law against it.


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