[ExI] geeky people, I need a couple of alpha testers...

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 14:09:55 UTC 2010

On 1/30/10, Emlyn wrote:
> I probably should give it another go. Honestly, I think I'd do better
>  with a firefox add-on which would alert me of new stuff turning up.

Google Reader has just added a new feature to monitor web sites.
You can now subscribe to any URL -- even if it's not an RSS feed, and
even if the site itself doesn't publish an RSS feed.
If Google Reader doesn't recognize a URL as RSS, a dialog box will
offer to "Create a feed for you." Just click "Create a feed," and now
Google Reader will monitor the page. If the page changes, a link to
that page will show up in Google Reader as if a new RSS item had been
posted. They'll even show you a preview "snippet" of the page, just as
they do with real RSS posts.

> I already have this in gmail (different tags for different types of
>  stuff). Newsfeeds never appear in my inbox.

Yup. I do the same with my Gmail. Every mail gets automatically filed
in its own folder. So my Inbox is always empty.
(Except for the occasional spam or unexpected mail from somebody I
don't  usually get mail from).

Another advantage with using Reader for newsfeeds is that they doesn't
use up my mail storage space and I don't have to delete old mails.

Cheers, BillK

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