[ExI] Libertarian-spotting field guide

Eric Messick eric at m056832107.syzygy.com
Sat Jul 3 06:11:22 UTC 2010

Giulio Prisco writes:
>This one is fun:
>Caption: LEFT-WING
>Woman in distance, yelling to be heard: I=92m HERE! i EXIST! i=92m against
>the goverment AND corporations! why does everyone always ignore me?
>Which is precisely my own position: I am against big government and,
>for the same reason, I am against big corporations with
>government-like powers, which become de-facto monopolies by bribing
>big government and lock the marketplace for smaller corporations.
>What I fing sad is the "why does everyone always ignore me?" line,
>which is correct. Most people don't want to hear reasoned and balanced
>positions, they want to hear black-and-white one liners. Greedy big
>government and big corporations officers know this, and use it.

This is basically my position as well.

I consider concentration of power in either corporations or government
to be a problem.

I think people tend to ignore this position because anyone with
entrenched power will find the position threatening, and work to
minimize it.  Also, if power is decentralized, then it resides in
individuals, and takes skill to exercise.  People fear that they do
not have that skill, and find it easy to turn over their power to
someone else.

Thus I expect that augmented individuals will be more skillful and
more confident in their power, and more people will support this
position.  What political problems will reveal themselves when
everyone is smarter will be interesting to see.


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