[ExI] Americans polled about their views of the future

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 3 11:18:07 UTC 2010

Damn!  Anders, I thought because you included a personal message that
this was to your personal email! lol  It is late and I am tired.


On 7/3/10, John Grigg <possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Anders!,
> It's been a long time (well..., at least since Convergence).  I am
> currently packing up my things to move a few miles across town to a
> nicer apt. complex with my roommates.  I'm currently unemployed (never
> did finish college) but expect to find work soon (doing whatever...).
> I would say in general my life has stalled. lol  I nearly joined the
> military a few years ago, but did not (I'm now too old).  I defaulted
> on my student loans (years ago) and so I cannot get Pell grants,
> loans, etc. to go back to school, and of course bankruptcy will not
> erase such a debt.  If you ever come across a time machine, please let
> me know so I can go back to day one of my college experience...
> If cryonics works I may have a second chance.  But that if an awfully
> huge "if."  And I can just imagine being brought back in the year 2150
> and being told that my student debt load is still owed and now even
> vastly larger!! lol
> I have mixed feelings about Arizona, but it's my home now (I was
> raised in Alaska).  My dad lives in a rent control apt. in New York
> City ($325 a month, 2 bedrooms) and in theory I could take it over.
> But it's still an expensive city and I have had some former New
> Yorkers say it may not be a great experience for me to relocate there.
> Wow!  I'm impressed by your grandmother's longevity!  I hope you
> inherited those genes and outlive us all.  : )  I'm glad your academic
> career worked out so well and you have so much to do and see.  But try
> to find a little time for yourself.  Oh, and don't grow up *too much!*
> hee
> Best wishes,
> John
> On 7/2/10, Anders Sandberg <anders at aleph.se> wrote:
>> John Grigg wrote:
>>> "And the results are...."
>> Hi! Interesting survey. The basic thing seems to be that people have a
>> rather random picture, not anything cohesive. People are often
>> pessimistic about the future in general and optimistic about their own.
>> How are you otherwise? I am packing up things for spending July back
>> home in Sweden (grandmother will be 100!), with a stop on the way in
>> Marseilles for a conference. I am trying to finish papers and
>> administration and do research at the same time. So much to do!
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>> Future of Humanity Institute
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