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spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Jul 7 02:25:58 UTC 2010

Taxifornia is on the verge of legalizing marijuana, and hoping to tax it to
try to dig out of its current budget abyss.  These days there is something
about in the news nearly every day.  I always hear about new medications
needing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of clinical testing to verify
that any new medication is safe and effective before it gets FDA approval.
So why wouldn't that apply here?  Is this a special case?  Or is it just
being legalized without FDA approval, state only and not the fed, and if so,
why couldn't you do the same trick with any experimental medication?  A
pharma company could make plenty of money selling a medication in Taxifornia
only, and Taxifornia will allow *anything* at this point if there is tax
revenue to be collected.  This state has 30 million willing and eager proles
on which to experiment.  
If any medication really is effective, such as pot or viagra, all we really
need to do is bring it to Taxifornia and get out of its way.
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