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Ryan Rawson ryanobjc at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 03:12:50 UTC 2010

You are kind of conflating 2 things here (along with insulting those
of us who are California residents with your pithy and lame nickname):

- The current proposal which will legalize and regulate Cannabis
similarly to alcohol
- Medical Cannabis has been legal for 15 years

In any case, Cannabis has centuries or millenium of use (along with
alcohol, etc) and demonstrated it's human safety.


2010/7/6 spike <spike66 at att.net>:
> Taxifornia is on the verge of legalizing marijuana, and hoping to tax it to
> try to dig out of its current budget abyss.  These days there is something
> about in the news nearly every day.  I always hear about new medications
> needing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of clinical testing to verify
> that any new medication is safe and effective before it gets FDA approval.
> So why wouldn't that apply here?  Is this a special case?  Or is it just
> being legalized without FDA approval, state only and not the fed, and if
> so, why couldn't you do the same trick with any experimental medication?  A
> pharma company could make plenty of money selling a medication in Taxifornia
> only, and Taxifornia will allow *anything* at this point if there is tax
> revenue to be collected.  This state has 30 million willing and eager proles
> on which to experiment.
> If any medication really is effective, such as pot or viagra, all we really
> need to do is bring it to Taxifornia and get out of its way.
> spike
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