[ExI] Belief in maths (was mind body dualism)

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>...She saw perfectly clearly that much of what she believed to be true could not be true.   Do you know what she said at the end?  It was what persuaded me to not do that again.  "Thank you for your patience and even, calm, fair discussion with me.  I learned a lot and see that you are largely right in what you said at the beginning.  But this is what I believe and I like believing it so I am going to keep doing so."  - samantha
"The man convinced against his will 
Is of the same opinion still."
Interesting commentary, one to which I can sure relate.  The difference between your friend and me is that I had no choice.  I liked what I once believed, wanted desperately to keep believing, family pressure to keep believing, but found that being convinced against my will changed my opinion against my will.  I had no choice: I could not believe what I did not believe.  I wanted to, but couldn't.
Question please Samantha: how do some minds tolerate cognitive dissonance, and others like mine, tolerate none at all?  Why do some minds work like hers and other minds work like mine?

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